WJ Heated Box Repair

WJ Process Muffle Repair

We can refurbish Watkins Johnson APCVD heated boxs if heating issue or if clogged. If you have been told your process muffle is unrepairable because of a gas line blockage let us take a look. In most cases these boxes can be repaired to better then OEM refurbishment specs at a fraction of the cost of new and most process muffle refurbishments. Some repairs can be completed by our staff right on your site.

Repairs/refurbishment of heated boxes/Muffles can be made to all models WJ1000 - WJ1500 - WJ999 - WJ Classic.

Provide a cost effective complete refurbishment service. 

Base services on direct experience and accumulatedtechnology to achieve cost savings for WJ APCVD customers worldwide.

Offer a single fixed price

We offer both a refurbishment price and an all inclusive price.

Deliver a single solution (all inclusive price)

Including muffle removal, installation and process qualification.

1. Muffle Disassembly

     - Disassemble top area, heated box, gas lines, water lines, etc.

     - Photograph and document each component

2. Heated Box

     - Replace old heaters, lines and heater blocks with new

     - Measure electrical properties of heater

3. Muffle Top

     - Repair or replace plumbing areas and gas lines

     - Rework screw holes; chase threads true

     - Replacing O-rings

4. Removal and Installation

  Removal and installation can be included in the cost of the repair/refurbishment.




We do WJ-999 WJ-1000 WJ-1500 Classic (All Watkins Johnson Heated boxes)

All before and after pictures are for illustration purposes. Every job is different and will yield slightly different results.

  • Warranty Period: 90 Days
  • Most parts in stock. 
  • Lead time: “In Stock” (or) 3 Weeks ARO 
  • Install Base: +30 Units (WJ999, WJ1000, WJ1500)
  • Excellent 7 yr Quality Record; “No Failures” / “No Comebacks”

Final clean and muffle etch will be completed on customer site either by customer or by Beacon Engineer if installation service is purchased. 

Watkins Johnson is a registered trademark of the OEM and is in no way affiliated with Beacon

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