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We are specialists in finding hard to find parts, Engineering, reengineering and reverse engineering parts to at or above OEM specs.


Beacon does keep in stock.


TO Spring Kits for 2", 3" and 3" dual flag. These will work with WJ999, WJ1000 and WJ 1500s


WJ 999 Heated box.


Parallel Plate injectors


IR belt heater lamps


HF bubbler bottles


We are also ready to do fast turns on refurbishments of


Heated Boxes/Muffles


Toroidal Orifice - Do your TOs ever go out for repair and come back broken. This should not happen with us. We not only run the TO on a bench for 6 hours but we heat it to ensure that it will work in the same conditions that tool puts it through. Even the OEM does not do this.


Parallel Plate and Monoblock Injectors


Vent repairs


Circuit Cards


Robots - We have the ability to do a proper QC on these. No robot leaves our facility without a 24 hour burn in to ensure no failures.